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quick, easy, secure and reliable Web to SMS texting 24 hours a day

So why choose us? ...

*Special Limited offer* - we are giving 50 free SMS text messages to everyone registering before the end of October 2016
No advertising - clear, spam free interface
Quick, simple - easy to use website
Secure - HTTPS encryption - data privacy and protection
Control - you choose to keep, resend or delete your previous SMS messages
Reliable SMS message delivery system - we operate a 24/7 service and typically achieve over 99.9% successful message delivery all year round
Paypal for secure online purchasing of SMS text credits. £1 buys 20 SMS text credits and £5 buys 110 SMS text credits
No additional or hidden charges
We do not sell or market any mobile phone numbers
Our SMS text message credits do not expire
Schedule your messages - you can choose to send messages immediately or have them sent at a later time by providing a date and time for each message to be sent
***Coming soon*** - Recurring messages - to be sent on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual pattern - messages are placed back in the queue ready to be sent again on the next occurrence of your choice

Why not give us a trial?  Register now and you will receive 50 free SMS texts to get you started.
So what are you waiting for?

Just three simple steps to get you started:

  1. Register your details including name, mobile tel number and your email address.
  2. Verify your PIN that we immediately send to your mobile after registering.
  3. Login to our secure site and you will receive your 10 free SMS texts.

Once registered, simply add some contacts (basic details - name, mobile tel numbers) then you are free to type an SMS text message and send. The process takes only a few minutes. All messages are stored for simple editing, repeat sending or to provide a recurrence pattern. You can also delete them for your privacy. You can buy additional SMS text messages securely using Paypal via this website.

Earn 10 free SMS text credit for every 100 messages you send.